The Langara Biology Club is a student-run organization. We are inclusive to all who are passionate in the pursuit of learning about Biology. Each semester our club holds events on and off campus. Some of our events include plant sales, BBQ’s, and lab trivia. By staying active in the Langara student body, both academically and socially, we strive to foster professional and personal growth among peers, students, and faculty.

Explore our website or our Instagram page to find out about upcoming events, read new publications, or to see what our club as been up to.


Elizabeth Ehebald

Elizabeth is a Bioinformatics student who is a massive plant and fungi enthusiast. They enjoy spending time outside and enjoying the beautiful Vancouver scenery.


Keegan Schmit

Keegan is studying bioinformatics and his interests include science communication and ways to combat misinformation.

Board Member

Sheila Barretto

Sheila is a Langara student who is hoping to get into the Nursing Program. She loves hiking and camping. One of her goals is to be able to camp throughout the year.

Board Member

Kierstyn Sahagun

Kierstyn is currently studying in the Health Science program. She is passionate about coral reef restoration and marine ecology. Her hobbies include videography and playing guitar.

Board Member

Isaac Qi

Isaac is an Animal Biology student and canine enthusiast hoping to change the world of dogs through research and law.

Board Member

Parsa Manafzadeh Saeidlou

Parsa is a biology student and cat enthusiast. Their interests involve long nature walks, playing sports, feminist movements, and volunteering.